Diane LaChance

Diane started down her path of life choices when she started in gymnastics at the age of five. This path advanced farther with her first jump into performing as Interplant Janet in School House Rock in 5th grade. With the knowledge that she was not meant to be normal, Diane graduated with a BA in Theatre and took up Aerial Arts not long after that. Diane has been seen performing in venues around the world and on cruise ships. When Diane grows up she wants to be a mermaid.


Laura Conover

As a child, Laura was an incredible nerd and so inflexible that she couldn’t touch her shoelaces without bending her knees. Seeing the problem with this set-up, Laura took the tutelage of her nerdy parents and friends to heart, and worked to become the bendy nerd she wants to be. In high school Laura joined the resident cast of the local Renaissance festival, where she was lucky enough to be put in the same sisterhood as Diane and other incredibly talented women. Since then, she’s been in various festivals and conventions, laughing, getting beat up, balancing, and bending over backwards for her audiences’ entertainment. She hisses at Maypoles when she thinks she can get away with it and can often be found doing homework while stretching or reading a book in a tree.


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